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Vespa perfectly pairs the emotional and bold brass of a seasoned saxophonist with the pure passion of a musician finding her voice. 

A chance meeting at a Grand Rapids open mic is where the Vespa adventure began. Sarah and Rolly shared the stage for a few improvised songs that revealed musical chemistry they couldn't ignore. Cue the classic: Let's start a band. 

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Behind the Name

Hornets in the scientific genus Vespa are small insects that, when provoked, deliver an aggressive sting. Vespa is a natural moniker as we bring life to songs written on small but mighty tenor guitars. True to her Libra nature, Sarah's songs strike a balance of bold and fragile, powerful and vulnerable.

(Full disclosure: The name Vespa started in a galaxy far, far, FAR away. Princess Vespa of the planet Druidia is an absolute badass in the cult-classic 1987 parody film, Spaceballs. Vespa is a starship-stealing rebel that won't settle, knows how to handle a gun and sing a low note.)  


Tenor guitar

Sarah VE


Rolly Smith



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